What are the benefits of bamboo pyjamas?

What are the benefits of bamboo pyjamas?

Is there any better feeling than slipping into a freshly made bed with crisp sheets, cool pillowcases and soft luxurious pyjamas? But what are the benefits of bamboo pyjamas?

Softness against your skin

When bamboo is mechanically processed and spun into super soft bamboo fabric it’s just as soft as cashmere and as smooth as silk, but with added benefits both from the way the fabric feels and it’s impact on the planet during the manufacturing process.

Under a microscope, bamboo fibres have rounded ends instead of pointy, which is what makes the fabric feel so good. 

Whatever you call them, pyjamas, pajamas, PJs or jimjams, as you wash your garment again and again the ends get smoother and it actually improves the feel of softness.

Bamboo fabric is incredibly durable despite its soft, delicate feel and will last for years with the correct care. 


Bamboo fabric is known for its excellent thermoregulating properties, which means it can help keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. This is due to its unique fiber structure and composition, as well as its moisture-wicking abilities.

Bamboo fabric is made from the cellulose fibers of the bamboo plant, which are extracted and processed to create a soft and silky fabric. These fibers are naturally porous and breathable, which allows air to circulate freely and helps regulate body temperature. The structure of the fibers also helps to trap warm air close to the skin when it is cold outside, providing extra insulation.

In addition, bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking, which means it can quickly absorb and evaporate moisture away from the skin. This helps to keep you cool and dry in hot weather, as sweat is quickly removed from the skin and allowed to evaporate. Bamboo fabric can also help prevent odors from building up, as it is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Pajamas made from bamboo fabric are an excellent example of how this material can help regulate body temperature during sleep. When you sleep, your body temperature naturally drops as it enters a state of rest. This drop in temperature can cause you to feel cold and wake up during the night. However, bamboo pajamas can help prevent this by providing extra insulation and trapping warm air close to the skin.

At the same time, the breathable and moisture-wicking properties of bamboo fabric help to prevent overheating and keep you cool and dry during the night. This can be especially beneficial for people who tend to sleep hot or experience night sweats.

Overall, bamboo fabric’s thermoregulating properties make it an excellent choice for sleepwear, as well as for clothing for any activity where temperature regulation is important. Its natural breathability and moisture-wicking abilities make it a comfortable and practical choice for a wide range of applications.

So whether it’s a warm summer’s night or a cool autumnal evening, you’ll be comfortable in your bamboo pyjamas.

Antibacterial and Odor resistant.

Bamboo has naturally antibacterial qualities so as it absorbs moisture from your body in order to keep you comfortable (4 times as much as cotton does!) and cool it also reduces the groth rate of bateria which is the thing which turns perspiration into odor.


Bamboo fabric is not only antistatic but is also incredibly crease resistant which has two benefits for you.

No ironing is required AND they look so good that you can wear your bamboo pyjamas as loungewear. No wrinkles, creases or clinging.


Due to fewer chemicals being used in both the farming and manufacturing stages, bamboo fabrics are very well suited to those who have allergy issues or sensory issues when it comes to fabric.

Be sure to double-check that the fabric used has been mechanically processed rather than using chemicals and it’s even better.

Eco Friendly and sustainable

The reason you’re even looking at switching to bamboo is of course the fact that its use has far less of an impact on the planet than other fabric sources, even organic cotton.

Bamboo is fast to grow in regions with enough annual rainwater falling that it needs no further irrigation, no pesticides and no extra fertilisers.

Once your garment is worn and old, it can be fully recycled (just like t shirts), or even composted (just remove any buttons first).

How to wash and dry bamboo pyjamas?

When washing your bamboo pyjamas they should be washed in a gentle detergent just as you would wool or other delicate items, on a gentle, cooler cycle of your washing machine.

They should be washed at a cool temperature or a cold wash in order to maintain their shape and reduce shrinkage.

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