How to stop compression supports making you itch

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Whether it’s your ankle, knee, wrist or elbow, compression supports and sleeves can have one thing in common with some people. They make your skin unbearable itchy.

What’s causing the itchiness?

Compression supports may cause itching for several reasons:


The compression sleeve material may not be breathable which will cause excess and unnecessary sweating or may be made of synthetic fibres that cause irritation and itchiness. Some people may be allergic to certain materials and experience itching as a result.


If the compression support is too tight, it can cause the skin to become irritated and itchy. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin.


Sweat and moisture can get trapped between the skin and the compression support, causing itching and discomfort. With most supports using a cotton mix alongside their elastic materials, this will trap moisture.


Compression supports can create friction against the skin, leading to irritation and itching. The rougher the fibres used to make the support, the worse this will be.

How can I stop compression supports making me itch?

Now that we know what’s causing the itch, we can stop the irritation with just one change.

Switch 2 Bamboo.

Yes, even compression supports have a bamboo option and it’s not only an ecological switch.

If you make an ethical switch you’ll also remove the itch.

What’s special about bamboo compression supports?

Bearhug compression supports replace all the rough, irritating fibres and replace them with smooth, rounded bamboo.

They also make sure their products are latex free, an elastic material which is often used in other sports supports and can be a source of irritation for people who are allergic, which is more common than you think!

Bamboo fabric is an amazing choice for athletes and people recovering from injury. Not only do the super smooth fibres stop all the irritation from the fabric, but bamboo is also one of the most breathable fabrics known to man.

This reduces the moisture that gets trapped and in turn, keeps you comfortable, dry and crease free. (Have you ever worn one of those white tube supports and they crease up at the back of the joint irritating your skin?)

Bearhug supports not only stop all that itching but their charcoal bamboo construction has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow to the affected joint by over 40% which increases the speed of recovery and enhances performance. Yes, bamboo makes you run faster 🙂

In case you order the wrong size, or if you’re not happy with your bearhug support, they offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

What makes bamboo so breathable?

Bamboo fibers are composed of long, slender cells that are naturally porous. These pores allow air and moisture to pass through the fibers easily, making them highly breathable.

In addition, bamboo fibers have a unique cross-sectional shape. Unlike many other natural fibers that are round or oval in shape, bamboo fibers are somewhat flat and have an irregular, polygonal shape. This unique shape creates more space between the fibers, which further enhances their breathability.

Having these air gaps means that moisture doesn’t build up because the more air that passes, the drier you stay, just like the breeze drying your washing on the line outside.

What makes bamboo hypoallergenic?

Bamboo is often considered hypoallergenic due to its natural properties that make it resistant to allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. Here are a few reasons why bamboo is hypoallergenic:

  1. Naturally antimicrobial: Bamboo contains a natural antimicrobial agent called “bamboo kun” that helps to resist the growth of bacteria and fungi. This means that bamboo fabrics and products made from bamboo are less likely to harbor harmful microorganisms that can cause allergies.
  2. Low irritant: Bamboo fibers are naturally smooth and round, with no sharp spurs or irritants that can cause skin irritation. This makes them less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin sensitivities.
  3. Absorbent: Bamboo fibers have a high level of moisture-wicking ability, which helps to keep the skin dry and reduces the likelihood of developing allergic reactions to moisture-related skin irritants.
  4. Chemical-free: Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers compared to other crops. This means that bamboo fibers and products made from bamboo are less likely to contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

Overall, the natural properties of bamboo make it a great choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

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