How do you recycle bamboo windchimes?

The trend of using bamboo in items around the home has increased in recent years. Partly due to its status as an ethical and sustainable resource, but also because of its versatility and natural look.

You can extend these eco-friendly credentials by recycling and/or composting, but how do you recycle bamboo windchimes?

What are bamboo wind chimes?

Bamboo wind chimes are musical instruments made from hollow bamboo tubes that produce sounds when struck by the wind or when the tubes collide with each other. They are often hung outside or in a breezy location and are known for their gentle and soothing sounds.

The history of bamboo wind chimes can be traced back to ancient China, where they were used for religious and spiritual purposes. Today, bamboo wind chimes are popular around the world as a decorative and calming addition to any outdoor space.

How long do bamboo wind chimes last?

The lifespan of bamboo wind chimes depends on several factors, including the quality of the bamboo used, the climate conditions where they are placed, and how well they are maintained. With proper care and maintenance, bamboo wind chimes can last for several years.

Eco Friendly and sustainable

The reason you’re even looking at switching to bamboo is of course the fact that its usage, growth and manufacturing process have far less of an impact on the planet than other sources.

Unlike wood, bamboo doesn’t require any additional fertilizers or pesticides to grow and can regenerate itself from the roots. This means no replanting which means less machinery and fewer resources such as oil and gas required in order to produce it. 

Bamboo also absorbs almost 30% more carbon dioxide than other plants and trees, including cotton.

Can bamboo wind chimes be left outside in the rain?

Yes, bamboo wind chimes can be left outside in the rain, but they may deteriorate more quickly if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. To extend the lifespan of your bamboo wind chimes, you may want to bring them inside during severe weather.

Can you compost bamboo windchimes?

Firstly, you may wish to try cleaning them to see if you can lengthen their lifespan before needing to dispose of them.

Bamboo windchimes tend to last no longer than 5 years when hung outside in all seasons.

If you’re certain that they’re not salvageable then composting is your best option.

How to recycle bamboo windchimes

The good news is that most bamboo items are biodegradable, even if that means taking some care to remove the non-biodegradable parts first (the top-selling bamboo jeans from BAM have a button which unscrews and no rivets to make it easier to recycle this way).

Bamboo items typically take around one year to decompose in an active and maintained compost heap or bin.


Firstly, disassemble your windchimes into pieces.

This usually leaves you with some nylon twine which will have to go into the trash bin, some metal pieces which can be recycled and your bamboo pieces.

Bamboo chimes will compost far quicker if they’re broken into smaller pieces.

This increases the surface area and enables your compost heap to work more efficiently.

So just as if you were adding sticks to increase aeration, using pieces of bamboo plates will work the same way.


You can opt to put your bamboo pieces into your own home composter in which case you’re looking at 6 months to a year for them to break down.

Alternatively, you can place them in your green garden waste bin to be commercially composted by your local authorities.

If you don’t already have a home compost option, check out this video on how to start.

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