How do you clean a bamboo water bottle?

When you switch2bamboo for any of your clothing, bedding or household items, it’s common to wonder if they need any extra care.

Being made of, or from, bamboo can have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cleaning.

So, just how do you clean a reusable bamboo water bottle?

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How do you clean a bamboo water bottle?

Bamboo is a great material for encasing water bottles. Naturally anti-microbial it’s perfect for making a boring stainless steel bottle look more natural and softer.

Being grass and not wood means that the structure of the material is very different and withstands water much better than wood does.

But care should still be taken and only wash the exterior of your bottle by hand, drying off the outer bamboo soon after washing and leaving the interior to dry naturally.

The best way to clean the interior of your bamboo bottle is by hand with hot water, a mild detergent and a bottle brush. Rinse well and leave to dry naturally.

Don’t put your bottle in the dishwasher as although the steel interior is capable of withstanding this method, the bamboo exterior will deteriorate quickly, splitting and warping.

Deep cleaning

Add 50ml of white vinegar (a cup) with a litre (a quart) of warm water for a deeper, antibacterial clean which will remove any residue and aromas of drink you may have had in your bottle.

Rinse well until you can no longer smell the vinegar and allow it to dry naturally.

Restoration cleaning

If the outside of your bottle has become ingrained with dirt over time the bamboo can be refreshed and renewed with a deep clean.

Dampen a soft cloth with either lukewarm water on its own or a cleaning solution with vinegar as mentioned above.

Have a bowl of normal table salt and dab your damp cloth into the bowl.

Use the cloth to rub the salt into the bamboo to really lift the grime taking advantage of the abrasive action of the salt.

Rinse well and dry immediately to ensure the bamboo isn’t left damp.

Can you wash a bamboo water bottle in a dishwasher?

No. Bamboo is incredibly moisture resistant but you wouldn’t want to soak it for any length of time. 

Bamboo wood is made from strips of bamboo and resin, and these strips act like long straws. 

So although very water resistant along the length of the bamboo, the ends of the bamboo wood are to be protected to avoid warping or splitting from water damage.

The best cleaning solutions for bamboo furniture, floors and household items.

  1. Household dish soap and lukewarm water make a perfectly suitable solution to wipe down floors, furniture and utensils. Just don’t leave it to soak in and never use the dishwasher for utensils, cutlery or bamboo straws.
  2. For a deeper clean, mix 50ml of white vinegar (a cup) with a litre (a quart) of warm water and use as above.
  3. Mix 1 teaspoon of bleach with 1 litre (a quart) of water for a suitable disinfecting cleaning solution for items such as cutting boards or bathroom flooring.

Using a soft-bristled brush in addition to the solutions listed above will not damage your bamboo items and may improve the result, especially on furniture which has been neglected for a while.

For truly ingrained dirt on bamboo furniture try dabbing some normal table salt onto your damp cleaning cloth (along with one of the solutions above) and use the extra abrasive quality of the salt to really lift the grime out.

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How do you clean a bamboo water bottle?

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