Eco friendly bamboo yoga pants

Eco friendly bamboo yoga pants

We’ve found three of the best eco friendly bamboo yoga pants from some of our favourite retailers but… what makes them eco friendly and what does that even mean when it comes to bamboo clothing?

Our definition of eco friendly includes products made from sustainable, naturally grown materials. Which, of course, all bamboo clothing is, but we also checked that;

Those materials are processed without the use of harmful chemicals

The carbon footprint produced by the transportation of the finished product is minimised and/or offset by positive actions taken by the manufacturers and retailers to make the whole process as carbon neutral as possible. 

And finally, the packaging is minimised and/or plastic-free as well.

Our favorite eco-friendly bamboo yoga pants are from;

  1. Bam Bamboo clothing

Fantastic waistband design. Perfect for those who prefer a looser fit.

Bam has been using biodegradable packaging since 2015 and is aiming to be zero waste to landfills by 2030.

And, they cater to the gents as well with their bamboo balance yoga pants for men.

  1. Fishers

Their exclusive eco fabric is a blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex which makes it super smooth, and comfortable and is perfect for those looking for pants which will dry faster after being washed. 

(…and they’ve got pockets!)

  1. Etsy

The reviews say it all. Super soft, extra-long, mega comfortable. 

Extra-long seams make them perfect for anyone who struggles to find a longer length. 

Apart from becoming a planet-saving superhero when you switch to bamboo yoga pants, should you be looking for anything else when making your purchase?

Well, just as with your previous yoga pants or leggings, the fit is important.

They should be stretchy enough so as to not impede your natural movement on the mat. With tight-fitting cuts, it might be worth going up one size just to incorporate some extra stretch whilst still fitting snuggle around the hip and waist area.

Talking of which, a high waist design is super comfortable when doing yoga or pilates and removes any concerns you may have about flesh showing on certain poses. Add a longline top and you’re covered…literally!

Yoga pants are also available in different thicknesses and weights, so be mindful of where you might be wearing them when choosing new ones.

If you prefer outdoor pilates in the park you may wish to choose a fleece-lined or thicker fabric. 

If you prefer a Saturday morning hot yoga class then perhaps a lighter weight will suit.

Not ready to show your curves? Got for a looser harem style pants which still give you freedom of movement without the clinginess of more traditional yoga pants. 

Check out How to dry bamboo socks.

What is the difference between leggings and yoga pants?

Leggings and yoga pants are both form-fitting garments that are typically made from a stretchy, synthetic fabric.

The main difference between leggings and yoga pants is the length. Leggings are typically shorter, ending at the ankles, while yoga pants are longer, typically extending to the ankles or even the floor.

Additionally, leggings often have a tighter fit, whereas yoga pants often have a more relaxed fit.

What are the benefits of yoga pants in comparison to jogging bottoms?

1. Yoga pants are usually more form-fitting than jogging bottoms, which makes them ideal for activities that require a lot of movement.

2. Yoga pants typically have a higher waistband than jogging bottoms, helping to create a slimming effect.

3. Yoga pants are often equipped with moisture-wicking technology, making them great for sweaty workouts.

4. Unlike jogging bottoms, yoga pants come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, allowing you to choose a look that suits your style.

5. Yoga pants often have a four-way stretch fabric, allowing for an increased range of motion and flexibility.

How do you wash bamboo yoga pants?

Bamboo fabric keeps the strength of the bamboo plant and is incredibly durable, outlasting cotton equivalents when cared for properly.

When washing your bamboo items they should be washed in a gentle detergent just as you would wool or other delicate items, on a gentle, cooler cycle of your washing machine.

Washing at a cool temperature or a cold wash helps to maintain the shape of the fabric and reduces possible shrinkage.



Using a drier on very low heat is okay, but using too high a heat can damage the bamboo fibres or shrink the fabric.


Drying your bamboo items indoors with artificial heat (radiators and air vents) is better but try not to leave them directly on the heat source.


Drying your bamboo fabrics outside is by far the best method. There’s no risk of over-drying which can damage the fibres, the moisture is carried away rather than collecting in your home and you get the added benefit of having that gorgeous outdoor aroma.

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