Best Bamboo Razors For Women

best bamboo razors for women

Do women really need specific razors?

With cheap, disposable throwaway razors there are barely any differences between men’s and women’s razors other than the colour and the price.

But as soon as you start shopping for a quality razor you’ll start to notice some differences.

Quality men’s razors are angled differently to ensure the razor makes a clean, close cut through rough, hard facial hair.

Whereas women’s razors are angled at a gentler degree in order to glide through softer body hair.

Obviously, you should never share a razor regardless, but using a men’s razor to shave body hair will lead to more nicks and cuts. 

In addition to the blade angle, the angle of the shaving head is also different on men’s and women’s razors.

Men, when shaving their face, barely change the angle at all other than to follow the contours of the face.

Women, in comparison, constantly change angles reaching legs, bikini lines and armpits.

This is made easier on women’s razors but changing the angle of the blade head, along with the angle of the handle.

You’ll also notice the handles tend to be wider and contoured for greater grip and control.

What’s the most eco-friendly razor?

If you’re looking to switch to bamboo for your shaving needs you’re going to be looking at ditching the disposable for a more sustainable safety razor, also known as a double-edged razor.

An estimated 2 billion (yes Billion!) disposable razors get, well…disposed of every single year in the USA alone. (along with millions of toothbrushes!)

Starting to use a safety razor for the first time can be intimidating whether you’re a man or a woman but most of them work in exactly the same way.

To change the blade, unscrew the handle and the top will either lever open or pop-off. Remove the blade, put the new one in and screw the handle back on. Simple!

Using the razor is just as simple. Most are weighted, meaning there’s no need to press the razor onto your skin.

Simply draw the razor across (using your normal shaving foam/gel or oil) at around a gentle 30-degree angle, perfect for softer hair and skin.

How do women’s shaving needs may differ from men’s shaving needs:

  1. Hair Type: Women’s hair is typically finer and softer than men’s hair. As a result, women may require different types of razors or blades that are designed to handle finer hair without causing irritation or razor burn.
  2. Body Areas: Women’s bodies have different contours than men’s bodies, so they may need razors that are designed to navigate curves and angles more effectively. For example, women may require razors with pivoting heads or flexible blades to shave their underarms or bikini area.
  3. Skin Sensitivity: Women’s skin is often more sensitive than men’s skin, which can lead to irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. As a result, women may need to use shaving creams or gels that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin, or opt for razors with lubricating strips or moisturizing capabilities.
  4. Frequency: Women may shave more frequently than men, especially in areas like their legs, underarms, and bikini area. This can increase the risk of irritation or razor burn, so it’s important to choose a razor that is gentle enough for daily use.

Overall, while there may be some similarities between men’s and women’s shaving needs, there are also important differences that should be taken into account when selecting a razor or other shaving products.

The Best Bamboo Razors For Women

So let’s take a look at some of the best bamboo safety razors available for women right now.

Jungle Culture Bamboo Safety Razor

Jungle culture’s plastic-free, zero-waste razor has a beautifully rounded, easy to grip bamboo handle which makes shaving all areas of your body a breeze.

Jagshaving natural bamboo razor.

The beautifully sculpted curves of the bamboo handle make this razor a winner for us. 

Easy to hold and control at all angles and even comes with free blades.

Bambaw Double Edged Safety Razor

With an easy to grip bamboo handle and delicately indented stainless steel hardware, this long-handled razor from Bambaw is easy to use and great to look at. 

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